Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Why do fool fall in love?

My life was beautiful from the
moments I had you and my words
were good enough for you because
you were the four pillars that showed
me cares, loves, happiness and peace!
I had enough from you, but I didn't know
why I let my heart went for someone
else, and all the cares and loves I should
have given to you, I gave it all to a ghost
that never being there for me because
I was a fool! A fool for nothing because
she was a nightmare that never comes
true and a fool for something because
you were real to me like a diamond.

I am Alon Dy

I am Alon Dy,
Son of Mila and Tong Dy,
Brother of Kissy and Milton Dy,
Who loves his wife and his family.

I am a nurse
Who touches the hearts and minds of the patients,
Who stands and fights for what is right,
Who knows his limits as a nurse.

I am a dreamer
Who has always option one, two, and three.
I never quit, as it is not in my vocabulary.
Just because others  throw their hands up and cry,
Doesn't mean I'll just leave it high and dry.

I feel bad that some people are ignorant,
Talking shit behind your back like this and that
These people need to realize,
I do not mind and I do not care.

Backbiting, prejudice and hatred,
These are negative attitudes that need to eliminate.
Trust me, people still change and
Do this now while there is time.
So please, it is not too late.

Once again, I am Alon Dy
Who fears no one except God.
I understand I cannot please everybody.
I admit I make mistakes sometimes.
I say sorry, but still,
Need to love each and everyone.

I'm aware I have many friends.
I know I select only few.
I understand, yet wonder why I'm like this.
It's plain and simple,
Few of them are true.

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for your feelings
I never felt! I'm sorry for
your love I never compliments!
I'm sorry for your heart I broke!
I'm sorry for your soul I pieces!
I'm sorry for your life I changed!
I'm sorry for your moments I
tormented! I'm sorry for the
traumatic memory I caused that
you never had one good thing to
write about! I'm sorry you knew me
because everything that happened
were all my faults, and shamefully
I grieved my mistakes as I regrets

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I'm sending you this
With hope in my heart
That it isn't too late
For healing to start

I can't right the wrong
That I've done to you
Or undo the heartache
That I've put you thru

And I can't change the past
Like I wish I could
There's no way to go back
And turn bad into good

But if you'd only let me
I'd sure like to try
To be someone you need
And want in your life

To show you I love you
And how sorry I am!
Can you ever forgive me
And love me again?

If you try to reach inside of your heart

If you try to reach inside of your heart
you can find forgiveness, or at least the start
And from that place where you can forgive
is where Hope, and Love, also thrive and live

And with each step that you try to take
and with that chance that your heart might break
Comes so much happiness, and so much strength
which Alone can carry you a fantastic length

For hate and anger will not get you there
and though you say that you just don't care
You can EASILY avoid the pain on which hate feeds
. . . the kind of hurt that No one needs

Just make the move, take that first stride
let go of the thing known as "Foolish Pride"
Maybe then you can start to repair the past
into something strong, that will mend, and last!

Please Forgive Me

I know I hurt you and I feel so bad,
For saying things and making you sad..
It's just that my love for you is so great,
I want to be with you, I just can't wait..

You are so special, one of a kind,
I could look forever and never find,
Anyone else as wonderful as you,
With such a pretty smile and eyes so blue..

Please forgive me for things I said,
I love you so much, It just messed my head..

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I Apologize For What I Have Done!

I am sorry for what I have done
Many times I look back but now I learned my lesson
Every minute I think about what I have done
I cry and cry but my tears are not helping
I need someone to be there
Right by my side I see someone but they’re gone
They hate me for what I have done
Can they just forgive me?